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Networking and Community Involvement

Let’s talk today about joining a group, doing networking, and getting involved in your community. There are several things I do on behalf of Curry’s Auto Service. I am part of a “Dealer 20” group which is a group of 20 automotive repair dealers nationwide, and we meet 3 times a year to go over best practices, financial figures, new ideas, and then we have an executive session. We consist of 20 of the best automotive repair dealers in the nation – we have to own multiple locations – and we discuss industry trends and help keep each others’ A-games going all the time. It’s very invigorating. We always have a great time together; we go out to dinner, drink beer, go golfing, and go on other adventures as well during those 3 days. You can belong to a business type of group which comprises of a variety of types of industries, or you can belong to an industry-specific group which I like as well.

For networking, Maverick and Cadre DC are two other groups I am involved in which are huge networking groups. At Maverick we believe in education, philanthropy, adventure travel, and helping budding entrepreneurs. It’s sort of a give-back organization as well as an entrepreneurial networking and adventure travel group. I just got back from Russia flying a Mig-29 fighter jet with the Maverick crew and it was awesome! (It almost ruins the experience of flying in a race car) Derek and Melany Coburn run the Cadre DC group and that is basically comprised of Washington DC’s best and brightest that I am a proud member of. The networks that you’re able to establish and the business philanthropy that you get to be a part of are fantastic. So if you are a budding entrepreneur or a long-time entrepreneur, my advice would be to get involved in your community, get involved in some type of networking activity, and meet some other like-minded entrepreneurs.

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