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My “Duh” Moment: Sometimes the Best Solutions Are the Simplest, Most Overlooked Ones

The conversation below is a great example of a super-simple solution to an everyday challenge that’s right under your nose. I love it when just a slight change in perspective can result in an elegant, rapid solution like this!

Matt (working from home): “Hello, this is Matt.”

Dianne (at Curry’s Auto Service HQ): “Hey Matt. We need a copy of that signed contract this morning .”

Matt: “OK, I’ll bring it in by noon, is that ok?”

Dianne: “Actually the vendor needs it no later than 11 am.”

Matt (somewhat jokingly): “Jeez…picky aren’t they?”

Dianne: “You can just scan and email it to me in the next couple hours.”

Matt (to himself): “Darn, I still don’t know how to use my home scanner–I knew this would come back to bite me at some point.”

Matt (to Dianne): “Dianne, not sure what to tell you, I think my scanner’s on the fritz.”

Dianne (patiently): “Matt, do you have your smartphone handy?”

Matt: “Of course, I don’t go anywhere without it.”

Dianne: “OK, just sign the contract and take a picture of it with your smartphone. Then email it to me before 11 am.”

Matt: “Sorry, what did you say?”

Dianne: “A phone with a camera is just like a scanner, right? Just take a pic of the signed contract and email it to me from your phone.”

Matt: “Wow. You’re smart!”

Dianne: “You know what they say: ‘Necessity is the mother of invention.’ Plus, I know you never learned how to use your home scanner.”

Matt: “OK, you’re even smarter than I thought!”

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