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Going Green in a Black Industry

Wow, what does that mean? At Curry’s Auto Service we take our environmental responsibility very seriously. A byproduct of fixing cars is that we end up with tires, scrap metal, fuels, leads, and chemicals. We recycle just about everything we take out of a car, including tires, scrap metal, and even the oil. So when you bring your car in to Curry’s Auto Service, we actually recycle your old oil by using it in our used oil furnaces that heat up our shops in the winter time. We also recycle all metal and scrap metal parts like brake pads, rotors and oil filters.

Lots of times we’ll when people bring their cars in for oil changes their oil leaks, and sometimes we even have spills in the shop – it happens. Back in the old days they used to take a hose and just rinse the oil off or wipe it up with a squeegee and dump it outside. That’s just what they did when I began in this business in the 70’s and 80’s. Today that doesn’t work. We use something called pig mat – an absorbent mat that sucks up all the oil. We send that pig mat to a plant in New Jersey that burns them to produce energy as a secondary fuel source.

Antifreeze, freons, oils, metal parts, tires – we recycle even all of those! It’s important to us and it’s important to our customers. Also, 90% of our company vehicles are hybrid Toyota Prius’s that give extended gas mileage.

So what are some ways YOU can reduce your car’s impact on the environment? The first thing every driver can do is to keep their tire pressure checked. It’s very simple to do and we would be happy to do that for you for free. We also recommend using synthetic fluids. Synthetic fluids extend service interval life, so instead of changing your oil every 3-5 thousand miles, you can change it about every 7 or 8 thousand miles. Synthetic fluids can also make your car run 10-12% more efficiently, giving you fuel savings.

At Curry’s Auto Service we care about you, we care about your car, and we care about the environment!

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