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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Customer Service at the GRAMMY’s

Customer Service at the GRAMMY’s

My wife and I had the once in a lifetime (or hopefully more than once) opportunity to attend the GRAMMY Awards, and it was as special as you’d imagine. While the people we dealt with for logistics were fantastic, I did want to share one “customer” experience that stood out: The awards people take a pretty tough approach to people bringing in electronic devices. (see picture at right) Now, I can understand that this is an organization that has to be the most intense advocate for artists rights and against piracy–no problem. But in this era of social media, mobile, etc., perhaps the GRAMMY’s should view these recording devices as a way for their “customers” to share the experience and spread the excitement. Rather than stand in the way of progress, use it to your advantage! The punchline is that after all the threats and worries about carr ... read more

The Redskins are experts in “hostage marketing.” And it’s killing their brand.

Well, it’s Super Bowl Sunday again, time for Redskins fans like me to wallow a bit more about our sad state of affairs. Lately I joined what seems to be a growing number (at least among my network of friends and associates) of disenchanted Redskins fans who have given up our financial, time and emotional investment in season tickets. The obvious issue is that the team hasn’t figured out how to win and advance to the playoffs; the larger issue is the apparent lack of a plan for rebuilding, although that may be changing under the Shanahan administration (even though they will not admit that they’re rebuilding); and the cherry on top is the constant drama regarding on- and off-field (mis)management decisions and behavior. But frustrating as those three factors are, they weren’t even the main challenges of being a Redskins season-ticket holder, in my view. The primary annoyance and the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back,” is the Redskins’ tendency towards “Hostage Market ... read more

“I don’t see why we have to meet for lunch.” A great post from cadre’s Derek Coburn on qualifying prospects

“I don’t see why we have to meet for lunch.” That headline of Derek Coburn’s post alone was intriguing to me. Derek, who co-founded “cadre,” the wildly successful un-networking group for DC area business leaders, goes on to question the traditional logic of how to have that first business connection/interaction by saying, “For a long time, if someone showed even the slightest interest in my wealth management practice, Washington Financial Group (or just seemed like a potential client), I would ask them if they wanted to grab lunch so we could learn more about each other. I always thought it made sense. There was no better way to spend my time than meeting face-to-face with a potential client or strategic partner, right?” I strongly encourage you to read the rest of the post (and other compelling ideas from Derek) by ... read more

“Viscosity” phrases and other words I like to hear around the office.

During a training class I give to the Curry’s Auto Service sales team, I go over this list of words. Some of them are “attitude” words; others are more like qualifying words–I call them “viscosity” phrases, since they keep things moving along. Words are important: they help shape the tone of a conversation and sometimes the outcome of a situation. Customers appreciate a genuinely (honest) positive attitude and environment–not a fake veneer of “yes,” but a helpful, responsive atmosphere. So, without further ado, here’s the list. (Feel free to steal them!) Awesome! Fantastic! Great! Fabulous! Nice! Warranty! We have the best people and the equipment! EASY! Convenient! No problem! Super-duper! (My favorite.) And some “viscosity” phrases: Is that fair? How does that sound? When would you like to come in? What can I do to earn your business? What is a convenient time for you to c ... read more

After 100 years, some real innovation in tires…thanks to the U.S. Military

We ran across a radical new tire design by Michelin that is an amazing leap forward in durability and performance. The design is based on tires the U.S. military has developed (see the video below). They’re airless, “see through” tires that have spoke-like connections to the inner part of the tire from the outside tread ‘wrap.” The video demonstrates better than I can explain. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkkhSiIKoS8&w=640&h=480 The impact of these includes: – No more air valves…
– No more air compressors at gas stations…
– No more repair kits…
– No more flats…
– No more shirt pocket tire pressure gauges! I’m not sure why it took about 100 years to go beyond inflated rubber tires…but I’m glad someone smarter than me was working on it. Best of all these tires will be made by Michelin in South Carolina, USA. (By the way, as someone pointed out to me, th

... read more

Don’t risk the asterisk. Why your focus on service has to be never-ending and relentless.

I’m a fanatic about customer service. An absolute freak. Ask anyone on the Curry’s Auto Service team. My guess is they will agree–and that they also understand the bigger picture that this devotion to our customers is good for everyone as it will help us continue to grow. Because it is ingrained in me, my focus on service extends into every area of my work and life. For example, we recently purchased a stove from Wolf, which is supposed to be one of the best appliance brands and is a sister brand of the famous Sub-Zero refrigerators. When you purchase a high-end brand like Wolf or Sub-Zero–or let’s say you make a reservation to stay at a Ritz Carlton or decide to buy a Porsche–you don’t stop to ask whether this will be a good experience. You are assuming, based on a number of factors (your personal experience, word of mouth, online research), that your experience will meet or exceed your expectations–and you’re willing to pay more to make sure that is the case. You don’t ask th ... read more

A picture that owes its inspiration to my Dad.

When I was much younger, my dad gave my mom a jar of curry powder with a slash through the letter “d.” The message was to stay strong, focused and dedicated–“be a Curry”–and the message stuck with me. After I recently told this story to an associate of mine, he graciously created the picture you see on this page, and I thought I’d share it here

Welcome to “A Dash of Curry”

Welcome to “A Dash of Curry”

Greetings and welcome to “A Dash of Curry,” my foray into blogging. I’m Matt Curry, CEO of Curry’s Auto Service, a chain of nine full-service automotive repair and tire stores in the Washington, DC metro area. In addition to enjoying my family and friends, I have a few passions–among them are cars (as you might imagine) and customer service. So some of my associates, colleagues and family suggested that people who appreciate great customer service and have some interest in cars might want to read about some of my experiences in these areas. My first reaction was, “why does the world need another blog?” Then I thought about a few things: First, after 13 years in the car repair business, I’ve accumulated some pretty interesting anecdotes (you wouldn’t believe some of the things our customers have left in their cars). I also thought that both drivers and business people might appreciate a behind the scenes glimpse into our operation and hear how we strive for ... read more

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