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A Good Salesperson

Number one you have to have a great attitude. A great salesperson will be fun to talk to, they leave all their problems or worries at home, and really become an actor on stage while selling. People like these types of individuals naturally. The second thing a great salesperson needs is confidence. A great person has to be confident in what they’re selling and believe in it. you get confidence by having product knowledge. You need to be a guru in the field of the product you’re selling whether it be an auto service, stereo equipment, cars, or anything else. You need to know your product inside and out. People want to buy from someone who knows what they’re talking about and can show them the value of what they’re buying. So how do you get confidence? In racing we call it seat time. The more you drive, the more confidence you will have racing your car, and it’s the same with sales.

So with product knowledge comes confidence, you need a great attitude, and lastly you need to come to the sale prepared. You need to prepare yourself mentally, physically by having the proper tools such as props, knowing all the rebuttals. So those are four basic things you need to really start the sales process. and become a sales leader.

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