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“I don’t see why we have to meet for lunch.” A great post from cadre’s Derek Coburn on qualifying prospects

“I don’t see why we have to meet for lunch.” That headline of Derek Coburn’s post alone was intriguing to me.

Derek, who co-founded “cadre,” the wildly successful un-networking group for DC area business leaders, goes on to question the traditional logic of how to have that first business connection/interaction by saying,

“For a long time, if someone showed even the slightest interest in my wealth management practice, Washington Financial Group (or just seemed like a potential client), I would ask them if they wanted to grab lunch so we could learn more about each other. I always thought it made sense. There was no better way to spend my time than meeting face-to-face with a potential client or strategic partner, right?”

I strongly encourage you to read the rest of the post (and other compelling ideas from Derek) by clicking here.

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